Santa Rosa ~ California

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The Richmond Family

We have been enjoying wine for three decades now (as hard as that is for us to believe), and over those years we have tasted hundreds of excellent wines. So when Kay and I set out to make our first wine, we knew just what we wanted.

We love wines that have that perfect balance of fruit and spicy oak and a chocolaty mouth-feel. We have enjoyed wines with those attributes made from many different varietals. For us, a good red wine can be enjoyed at release, yet still possesses the structure that allows it to be enjoyed over time. And most importantly, we wanted our wine to be a true partner with fine foods.

With these ideas fixed in our minds, we knew that the best, and for us the only, approach was to find just the right grape source. The grapes had to be farmed in a manner that is consistent with our own ideas about the care of premium grapes.

There is no way to make a good wine from mediocre grapes.

After experimenting with Pinot Noir grapes from Oregon, (we love Oregon Pinots!), we finally settled on a Sangiovese blend similar to the Super Tuscans being produced in Northern Italy. We felt that an appropriate name for our wine should draw on it's Italian heritage, hence VESUVIUS - named after the infamous volcano Mount Vesuvius.

Sangiovese is an interesting grape, and one that California has recently begun to grow with excellent consistency. When blended with Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot it provides a unique, new experience to those who usually only drink Bordeaux blends.

Randy and Kay Richmond
For Kay and me the Dry Creek Valley produces some of the best wine grapes in California, so when we located a source of Sangiovese there we were thrilled. It turned out to be everything we had hoped for. Since we already knew that Dry Creek produced excellent Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, it became our goal to see if we could obtain all the grapes we would use in making our wine from this same area. We feel that our search was a great success, and we think you will agree that the resulting wine reflects the qualities we find in these grapes.
~ Randy Richmond

"We ain't talkin' 'til we see the wine."
Kay's Grandfather and Great Aunts

Richmond Family Album

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at the coast during another weekend getaway

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